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Revolutionising Education: Top Tips for Utilising AI as an Effective Teaching Tool in 2024

The Australian education landscape is rapidly evolving, with a notable shift towards integrating artificial intelligence (AI) tools into teaching practices. At SOS Teacher Agency, we're keen to explore how these AI innovations can support casual relief teachers (CRTs) in Victoria, empowering them to deliver more personalised and effective lessons.


While AI holds immense promise for enhancing the classroom experience, it's essential to grasp its potential and limitations. By embracing best practices and selecting tools that align with your teaching styles, educators can harness AI to individualise student learning and boost overall engagement in Australian classrooms in 2024.


Among the most exciting AI advancements are tools that offer real-time adaptability, providing instant feedback to students and allowing teachers to tailor instruction on the fly. However, it's crucial to remember that while AI can streamline certain aspects of teaching, it can never replace the invaluable human connection that inspires true learning.


Here are seven AI tools that teachers can explore to enhance their teaching practices:

  1. Google Classroom: A versatile learning management system that simplifies assignment management, feedback, and communication. Delve deeper at:

  2.  Kahoot: A platform for creating interactive quizzes and games, fostering engagement and participation in the classroom. Discover more:

  3. Edpuzzle: An AI tool for crafting interactive video lessons, facilitating comprehension assessment in real-time. Explore now:

  4. Classpoint AI: A quiz generator that creates relevant questions from PowerPoint slides, saving time and enhancing student engagement. Learn more:

  5. Teachology: A comprehensive tool offering pre-made lesson plans, resources, and assessment tools aligned with Australian curricula. Start planning:

  6. Socrative: An interactive assessment tool that provides real-time feedback to teachers, aiding in instructional adjustments. Learn more:

  7. Microsoft AI for Education: Offers various AI tools and resources designed to teach AI concepts and technologies to educators and students alike.  Learn more:

SOS Teacher Agency AI for Teachers

As we venture further into 2024, the integration of AI in education presents a transformative opportunity for teachers that are staying ahead of the learning curve and willing to experiment in utilising these tools especially for lesson preparation. By leveraging these teaching assistant tools, educators can cultivate dynamic learning experiences that inspire students in Australian and worldwide to excel in ways that may not have been available before and address a variety of learning styles. We invite teachers from Geelong, Melbourne, and beyond to share their thoughts and experiences with AI in the comments below.

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