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Expert Tips on Mastering Your Teaching Interview

Whether you're a seasoned teacher or a brand-new graduate, nailing your interview is crucial to securing the next job. Maybe it’s your dream position or an opportunity to get to know a school better, to be considered for future contracts. Here at SOS Teacher Agency, our recruiters have worked with hundreds of teachers over the last 25 years and developed a clear understanding of what interview skills stand out. We have spoken with school principals and daily organisers to obtain feedback to understanding the subtle differences a teacher may have brought to the interview to gain the job over the rest of the candidates. There is no room for winging it in an interview. If you really want to set yourself apart from the many seasoned teachers or enthusiastic graduates, then your typical general answers will not be enough.

Research and Preparation:

  • Research the School’s culture and history: Go beyond the school’s website and social media. Look for news articles, reviews, and parent testimonials to understand the school's culture, values, and community.

  • Tailor Your Answers: When crafting responses to "Why you applied for this position?" and "Why you would be perfect for this position?", connect your personal teaching philosophy and goals to the school's specific needs and criteria. Highlight your relevant experiences and achievements that demonstrate you are a great fit.

  • Practice equals confidence. Rehearse your answers with a friend or family member, or record yourself and watch for areas to improve. This will build your confidence and ensure clarity when communicating.

  • Prepare Sample Lessons: Develop sample lesson plans tailored to the grade level and subject you're applying for. This shows initiative and adaptability. There is nothing worse than being asked for an example and not being prepared to give one. Make it a priority to have examples up your sleeve.

  • Dress for Success: While "casual" may be mentioned, always wear professional attire. Bring confidence and respect when interviewing for a teaching position. This is not the time to be casual, this is the time for you to considered a true professional.




  • Be Enthusiastic and Engaging: Show your genuine passion for teaching and the specific subject. It always goes a long way to smile, make eye contact, and use positive body language. This will become more natural when you can relax into the interview.

  • Ask Thoughtful Questions: Don't just answer questions, ask them too. This demonstrates your interest in the school, its programs, and your potential future students.

  • Be Flexible and Adaptable: Highlight your ability to handle unexpected situations and adjust your teaching style to different learning needs.

  • Express Gratitude: Thank the interviewer for their time and reiterate your interest in the position.

Additional Tips:

  • Research Common Interview Questions: Be prepared to answer questions about classroom management, technology integration, and your approach to student assessment.

  • Send a thank-you email within 24 hours of your interview to either the school directly or the agency that has sent you for the position, use this opportunity to reiterate your key qualifications and enthusiasm for the position.

Remember, while you're trying to impress the school, you're also evaluating if it's a good fit for you. Ask questions, pay attention to the school's culture, and trust your gut feeling. Is this a school that you would be happy to be contracted in.

By following our tips and demonstrating your passion, preparation, and genuine interest, you'll be well on your way to landing your dream teaching position!


Feb 15

Great tips here!


Feb 12

Excellent, a valuable read.

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