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Here for the Teachers...

We are delighted to have this opportunity to assist you in finding the ideal workplace environment.

At SOS Teacher Agency, we uphold the highest standards when it comes to placing teachers in schools, whether as Casual Relief Teachers or for contract teaching positions.

As one of the top Australian Teacher Recruitment Agencies, we expect our CRT's to consistently demonstrate your individual expertise, creativity, and knowledge.

We are one of the leading education sector placement services in Australia, we are dedicated to providing employment opportunities for Primary, Secondary, and Kindergarten teachers. Additionally, we offer more generous wage rates compared to other agencies.

Melbourne Victoria's Leading Teacher Agency - SOS Teacher Agency

​Whether you are looking for a permanent placement in a school or CRT positions in different schools, SOS Teacher Agency can find the right teaching position for you. Simply click on our Apply Now button below.

During the academic year we offer a diverse range of teaching placements available throughout Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat in Victoria. These placements cover all levels within the education industry from kindergarten to primary and secondary, including special needs teaching jobs.

We work diligently to offer you, the teacher, the most suitable teaching job to match your teaching specialisations. Our senior staff members are retired teachers and principals who have an extensive understanding of placing teachers in appropriate teaching positions. Furthermore, our staff members continue to support you once you have accepted a teaching position at a school.

Qualified Teachers

I found SOS to be organised and confident when placing me. When arriving at school, I knew exactly what grade I was to be teaching. The staff seemed happy no matter what time I was contacted.

Ashlee Heritage

The SOS team are extremely organised, friendly and flexible where they make every effort to ensure that there is regular work for me in a range of good local schools. The staff keep you informed and up to date.

Lazaridis Simone

From the very beginning, SOS Teaching Agency demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a genuine concern for the well-being of both educators and students.

Mon Serran

What our teachers have to say...
Melbourne Victoria's Leading Teacher Agency - SOS Teacher Agency

We're About Building Connections

At SOS Teacher Agency, we believe in getting to know our candidates on a personal level so that we can effectively match you with the right job opportunities.

By registering with us, you'll be embarking on a partnership where our knowledgeable recruitment staff will get to know your skills and expertise through our thorough screening process. We're here to be your biggest advocate and to highlight your unique qualities to potential employers, giving you the best chance possible of securing your dream job. Let's work together to make it happen!

Melbourne Victoria's Leading Teacher Agency - SOS Teacher Agency
Melbourne Victoria's Leading Teacher Agency - SOS Teacher Agency

Types of Work

The teaching opportunities we offer come under the following main categories

Long Term Teaching: Contract and Permanent Teaching Positions

Teachers and ELC Educators will have the opportunity to apply for long term teaching contracts as they become available to SOS Teacher Agency. Such contracts will last between six weeks to an entire academic year and even through to permanent contracts. This is an option for the teacher who seeks the security of regular employment or who simply wants to teach in one school setting.

Casual Relief Teaching (CRT)

Casual teachers fill in for short-term absences, ranging from one to two days or up to one to two weeks. This type of work is ideal for teachers who prefer not to commit to long-term positions and want to experience diverse socio-economic environments in schools. Daily casual teaching provides flexibility for teachers looking for a flexible lifestyle. At Staffing Organisation Services, we regularly place numerous teachers in casual positions every day.

Teacher Aids & School Service Officers

Support staff in schools provide essential assistance, individualised support, and guidance to students. They enhance the learning experience, promote emotional well-being, and foster collaboration among teachers, creating a nurturing environment where every child can thrive. Apply now at SOS Teacher Agency for exciting placements and job opportunities.

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