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 Recruitment Process About the recruitment process at SOS Teacher Agency.
About the recruitment process at SOS Teacher Agency.

All you need to know...

At SOS Teacher Agency, we understand the importance of knowing yourself and your skillset when it comes to finding the right teaching job.That's why we offer friendly encouragement and professional advice to help you excel in your job search. Reflect on your strengths and desired position, and focus on these key points to maximise your job prospects.

What Should I Consider Before Applying?
What are my specialist subjects?
What is my main subject?
What age groups can I teach and what ages will I teach in casual positions?
Where is my preferred location and how far am I prepared to travel to work?
What type of school would I like to be placed in?
Think about the culture, size, location, reputation, etc.
What practical experiences can I offer that will make me stand out?
Do I have any extra curriculum skills?
Will my resume stand out among other applicants?
 Recruitment Process About the recruitment process at SOS Teacher Agency.

We're About Building Connections

At SOS Teacher Agency, we believe in getting to know our candidates on a personal level so that we can effectively match you with the right job opportunities.

By registering with us, you'll be embarking on a partnership where our knowledgeable recruitment staff will get to know your skills and expertise through our thorough screening process. We're here to be your biggest advocate and to highlight your unique qualities to potential employers, giving you the best chance possible of securing your dream job. Let's work together to make it happen!

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Here at SOS Teacher Agency, we match candidates with ideal teaching job opportunities through a thorough vetting process that considers their qualifications, preferences, and availability.

We adhere to safe recruitment in education and have vetting procedures in place that ensure adequate checks are carried out on qualified teachers. Evidence of all checks is filed and recorded on our database.

Recruitment Process & Vetting Procedures

Teachers are registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT);

Identification check -
against a passport, driver’s licence, or other official photo identification;
Copies of relevant certification, e.g. First Aid, Child Safety eLearning, AustSwim etc.;
Two independent referees – one from a candidate’s most recent teaching position or teaching placement;
Resume check
Criminal records check via VIT validation process
Overseas applicants –
all overseas candidates must be registered with VIT to legally teach in Victoria.
 Recruitment Process About the recruitment process at SOS Teacher Agency.
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